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Swimming has been one of the most sought after sports. People have been involved in swimming since centuries. What had started as a hobby and basic survival activity in the waters in the ancient time, has taken the form of full-fledged career since decades. Swimming or rather competitive swimming is quite a popular sport among athletes.

One of the best things about swimming is that you can take it up regardless of your age. That’s probably one of the reasons why there has been a rise in centers for sports and fitness in Ajman providing separate swimming lessons for kids and adults. There are also exclusive women only batches. One of the best things is that you can schedule your lessons according to your convenience.

Swimming classes are provided to adults as well as infants as young as 6 months old. These swimming classes for toddlers come under special parent child programs. Such lessons only make these toddlers more comfortable and have fun in the water while the formal swimming training starts only after 4 to 5 years of age. Besides, your swimming instructor will devise a training program based on your age, capacity and pace at all of such sports and fitness in UAE swimming institutes.

There are many swimming institutes in UAE that provide outdoor and indoor swimming training. The indoor pools are temperature controlled. All these swimming classes have certified instructors to train you. Moreover, such centers also have medical facilities to deal with any sudden injury.

Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Apart from being a great stressbuster, swimming lessons in Ajman will be the best workout for your muscles. Swimming burns calories faster than running and walking, improves your lungs’ functioning and strengthens your cardiovascular health. If you learn to swim once, it can be a great means of staying fit even in the future, during pregnancy or recuperating from an injury.

As swimming is usually learnt in groups at the swimming classes, it becomes a means of socialising as well. Swimming lessons for kids ensures a fun filled training session where kids build flexibility and endurance. It also helps kids become goal-oriented in life and strive for improvement. Swimming is also done in teams at professional level which contributes in developing team building skills.

Swimming Strokes

There are different swimming strokes like Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and freestyle. All 4 of these styles are used in competitive swimming. There are other styles as well such as sidestroke and trudgen stroke. Though you can learn different strokes even when you are pursuing swimming as an activity and not as a sporting career.


Freestyle is also called the crawl stroke and it is the most popular stroke. It is considered to be the easiest stroke to learn for the beginners. This technique will have your legs perform flutter kick motion and your arms will be moving alternatively like a windmill. You will be able to control your breathing with the movements with more swimming practice.


Swimming lessons for adults in Ajman will also teach you backstroke. As the name says, you will be swimming on your back. The movements of the arms and legs are similar to that of the freestyle stroke. Learning backstroke swimming can also help you relieve from your back pain. Backstroke unlike freestyle, will let you keep your head above water so breathing won’t be a problem.


Breaststroke will have you swim face down in the water. However, your head will keep dipping in and out of the water with each stroke. It requires moving your arms in half circles from the breasts under water while your legs will be performing a whip kick.

Butterfly Stroke

Like breaststroke, butterfly stroke is also tough to learn. It will require you to move your legs in dolphin-style kick while your arms will perform forward circular motions together in and out of the water. Butterfly requires a lot of strength and generally not taught to beginners.

Taking up swimming classes in UAE, be it indoors or outdoors, can bring a lot of fun in addition to health benefits. So enroll now to get into the pool.